Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pregnant Me

I loved being pregnant. From day one till the end it was fun. Because it was hard to conceive I remember wishing I for symptoms just to reassure myself that a baby was still cooking in my oven. I had none First trimester came and went with noting but the uncontrollable need for sleep. We even took a vacation to a friends cabin in North Carolina. I could sleep anywhere and I did. Best place to catch a nap was at work, it was quite, cold and I had a partner that had my back and never told the boss. 

The second trimester for me was also a breeze. Baby was growing right on track based on ultrasound measurements. I was on track for healthy pregnancy weight gain and my blood pressure was always where it was supposed to be. Again no symptoms and I got my energy back too. I did have a taste for gummy bears, HiC Orange, and anything chocolate-banana flavored. I loved how people noticed my belly. I know they say it's never ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant, but I loved it. Strangers too :) it always made my day and I never minded if people wanted to give the belly a rub. I wanted to share this wonderful time with the world :) And when we found out the gender it made it seem so real! 

At the beginning of my third trimester I was given the gestational diabetes test, the one where you drink the thick tang flavored sugar water an have your blood drawn an hour later. Wen the results came in my numbers were a little high so the doctor had me take it again this time it was mane blood drawls and it took hours. The news came back high again. I had Gestational Diabetes and was put on a strict diet and had to test my sugar four times a day. The baby began to grow very fast and my doctor was worried about the size of the baby and I was too. Even though I was huge, I still felt great. I had my baby shower Dec. 3rd, which was the best one I had ever been to in my opinion. Other than a cold I caught everything seemed well. I attended two Christmas dinners and took some time out of work over the Christmas week to "play" with the baby things we received and even nested a bit. We were planning to have our son in six weeks.  

One year ago today January 3rd, 2012 my husband and I laid down in bed with not a clue of what was to come. 

To be continued... 



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