Sunday, March 24, 2013

Letter To Dad


I miss you so so so so so so much. September 7, 2012 feels like yesterday and sometimes feels like you have been gone for so long. I think about you often and wonder what you are doing and where you are. Are you looking over me today or with Mom? Are you spending time with Grandma and Grandpa? Do you get to see Jesus often or is He always kinda busy? I know you haven't been gone very long but wow, the things James has learned! A week after you passed he started crawling!! A dam week...I know how bad you wanted to see that. I wanted so bad for you to be able to hang on just four more months so you could have see your 60th birthday and James' 1st. Dad can you believe he started walking at 11 months!? He really is amazing! I think about that day when you were sitting with James and I heard you tell him "your mom will tell you all about me one day." Oh how I wished I didn't have to. I wish you could teach him all the things you taught me. Daddy I will tell him all about you. I will tell him of the time we ran from the rain in the orange grove and how we would carefully follow in your footsteps around and up the huge sand piles and the many weekends we spent on the boat and how you used to read to us the songs out of that old book. I will tell him of the days at the table we would just spend talking about everything and nothing. I will tell him how much joy he brought into you life. I will tell him you love him so much. 

Gosh Dad....some days the tears flow more than others. Today is one of those days. I really wish I could talk to you. 

I love you. We all love you. 

This photo is from a few weeks ago but I know you will love it. XOXO

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  1. <3 Hugs to you darling. I love you. I know how much you miss him. We all do. Just know that he is always with you. XOXO